The Profitable Hotel Company

Thinking Strategically

Feasibility Studies

The Profitable Hotel Company takes a fresh look at the way feasibility studies are undertaken. In the conventional thinking there is too much emphasis on wider economic issues and infrastructure. Harrison maintains these studies must be market-led with a closer and more detailed examination of the competitor set, pricing by segment and sources of business.

“We offer a Price Quality Model which can determine within the market place what the proposed product can expect in real time prices by room segment.”

Clients Past & Present


At the Vineyard we had spent months analysing our brand strengths and developing a new internal and external image and had come to a point where we couldn’t see the wood for the trees. We turned to Stuart for some welcome clarity and the direction we needed to monetize our efforts. He gave us a clear, no-nonsense approach with a mechanism for monitoring progress and results which helped us work out which of our many ideas were converting to business.

Andrew McKenzie, Managing Director, The Vineyard Group