The Profitable Hotel Company

Thinking Strategically


The Profitable Hotel Company believes most hotels act on short-term needs and that the attention paid to the delivery of business and service issues are often subservient to operational bottom line thinking. The high road to better profits is to ensure you have top line focussed revenue plans by segment in place and to remain disciplined to your objectives.

Through the audits, The Profitable Hotel Company is able to review sales and marketing plans; highlight increased yields through the awareness of better segment management; introduce actions which address the life-time value of clients and recommend ways of establishing customer profiles.

“At the end of the day a hospitality company, whether at group level or on property, needs to live by a measured, timed and accountable business plan, with strategies, objectives and actions. Unfortunately many companies see activity as the simple solution.”

Clients Past & Present


At the Vineyard we had spent months analysing our brand strengths and developing a new internal and external image and had come to a point where we couldn’t see the wood for the trees. We turned to Stuart for some welcome clarity and the direction we needed to monetize our efforts. He gave us a clear, no-nonsense approach with a mechanism for monitoring progress and results which helped us work out which of our many ideas were converting to business.

Andrew McKenzie, Managing Director, The Vineyard Group